Summary in English

NKK (Norwegian Clinical Chemistry EQA Program) is a non profit organization established to serve Norwegian laboratories within medical biochemistry in the fields of EQA, standardization and other quality development issues.

NKK offers EQA schemes mainly from other Nordic organizations like Labquality, NOKLUS, DEKS, Equalis but also from ECAT of the Netherlands and UKNEQAS from England. All the laboratories in the profession (about one hundred) participate regularly in a selection of about 300 different EQA schemes.


The board of NKK has three members elected by the Norwegian Society of Medical Biochemistry. The NKK office is staffed with four employees, leader Gunn Berit Berge Kristensen, Anne Elisabeth Solsvik and Brith Helen Bjelkarøy located at the main office at NOKLUS Senter in Bergen and  Pål Rustad in his home office in Elverum. There is also an expert group of five laboratory professionals.


NKK´s engagement in quality development issues is communicated through the annual national NKK Conference, regular newsletters, documents on the NKK website, and by presentations at various professional meetings and congresses.

International cooperation

EQAnord is a Nordic forum in which special projects are planned and administered. The national EQA organizers carry out the practical work. NKK is also a member of the European Committee for External Quality Assessment programmes in Laboratory Medicine, EQALM.


Internet address:


BOX 6165

NO-5892 Bergen

Gunn Berit Berge Kristensen:, Tel: +47 55 97 95 09/91883666

Anne Elisabeth Tel: +47 55 97 95 26

Pål Rustad:, Tel :+47 41264785

Brith Helen Bjelkarøy: Tel: +47 55 97 95 00